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Introduction of Pneumatic Beveller

//Introduction of Pneumatic Beveller

Introduction of Pneumatic Beveller

Compare with other Pneumatic tool, the Pneumatic beveller is a new series. To get a smooth and flat chamfer is always difficult thing, now you have our pneumatic beveller to easily slove this problem.

Our pneumatic beveller can be widely used in shipbuilding, steel framework, bridge building, dock industry and so on. We own 4 kinds of bevellers now, the max. free speed is between 6000-8000 RPM. It’s made of Alloy material, powerful and durable. There are 3 pieces blades with the machine, so you can use it out-of-the-box. It can chamfer R&C 1-3/45°. It is also a smart & effective machine, it can chamfer 3 meters/min under 90 psi air pressure. Benifit by our extensive development experience, it’s only about 3 kg.

For more details, please review these pages: CFM-32, CMFG-32, PB-10, ABL-6.

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