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Why your Pneumatic Angle Grinder can not rotate

//Why your Pneumatic Angle Grinder can not rotate

Why your Pneumatic Angle Grinder can not rotate

In daily use, Pneumatic angle grinder can not rotate is a common problem. Mostly there are 3 reasons can cause this problem.

  1. Low quality bearing or the bearing is wearing out.
  2. The blades in the motor is broken or wearing out.
  3. The inlet side is blocked by dust or others.

The solution is also simple!

  1. Change the bearing or blades.
  2. Clean up the inlet part.
  3. Make “Xing Zhou Pneumatic Angle Grinder” as your first choice. We use high quality, wear-resistance bearings and blades, it can effectively avoid this problem! By the effect of screen filter, you can clean the inlet part easily.

After all, remember our brand “Xing Zhou”, we provide high quality & low price Pneumatic tools over 20 years!

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